1. Von Follies by Dita Von Teese // Valentine’s Day 2014 (x)

    (vía sextattoosdrugs)

  2. laurentletadic:

    Alfabeto Pittorico Antonio Basoli

  3. cctvnews:

    A unique bite! Pears shaped with Buddha faces

    Have you ever seen pears with a Buddha face? Chinese farmers are harvesting 60 thousand bottle gourds and pears with Buddha faces in north China’s Hebei Province. 

    The orchard farmer, surnamed Hao, used human shaped molds on top of the fruits to give them a unique look. 

    The ripening fruits resemble the ginseng fruit in the classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West”. In the novel, people can extend their life span by 47 thousand years, once they eat a ginseng fruit. 

    Now Hao is expecting a good harvest.

  4. theshadowofpixels:

    Brutalism, long live the forgotten artform of depraived dictatorships and suicidal maniacs. Look at these works and tremble.

    Ispolini Monument, Celebrating 1300 years of Bulgaria - Brutalist style.

    Photos by Hélène Demipoulpe Veilleux

  5. cross-connect:

    Featured Curator of the Week: Byron Galán [Betype]

    Calligraffiti by Pokras Lampas.

    Pokras Lampas is a Russian artist specialised on calligraphy on different mediums, he is very skilled handling brushes, spray, sharpies and the canvas the he choose vary from paper to the skin of girls.

  6. thisoldapt:

    So where are we with mason jars? Are we over it yet?

    I thought I was (over it) but this is a clever and easy way to put the things to use that isn’t a chandelier (eyeroll). As a fun little wall organizer in the bathroom, this upgrade is a great way to keep small things from cluttering the bath vanity counter. Meanwhile, mounting in the kitchen lifts your herb garden off the window sill. See the full how-to here via The DIY Playbook. -ts

  7. showslow:

    Shadow sculptures made of rubbish by Tim Noble & Sue Webster